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My Introduction

I have over 30 years of experience in the Sports brand industry. My most significant achievement was creating women's sportswear brand USA PRO, having reached a turnover of £12m at retail, Sports Direct acquired the brand in 2007. 

Following a short period as a business consultant, I discovered DecoNetworks. I was so impressed by their technology; I invested several months of my time figuring out how I could use the DecoNetork platform to develop a value added B2B business model, once completed I needed to prove the model, and so engaged in a project with a new workwear business "Workwear Direct"(WD). 
I was appointed in August 2022 as the exclusive DecoPro for Europe, my principal objective as a DecoPro consultant will be to assist your business in implementing and harnessing the full power of DecoNetwork. With the combined skills of myself and my specialist team I am confident your business will very quickly see a return on investment,. I guarantee we will save you weeks if not months of time, and avoid the frustrations, and business disruption, giving you the absolute confidence in the knowledge your DecoNetwork platform has been set up professionaly to best fit your business.


If you need help setting up your DecoNetwork platfom please click the link below - where you will find a schedule which outlines the set up process including video tutorials for all the important settings to get started.

Should you wish to use my services for my modular training programme on how to use DecoNetwork to best fit your business and how to build your Deco website and affilitate or Purchase ordering portals for your contract customers. From my own experience and many other new users it usually takes a business 3-4 months to get familiar with everything in both Admin & Business Hub and a further 3 months to be familiar with all the tools at your disposal  to really harness the power of the software and get the most out of it for your business. I can quote you for any work you need and training is via Zoom which I record for your back referencing.


Workwear Direct Contract Purchasing Portal Case Studies

Purchasing Portals (affiliate sites) are such a powerful tool to win new business, I have 32 contract customers all won due the free purchaing portals enabling yourcustomers to purchase their uniforms directly from their own branded websites saving them time and money and making the buyers job very easy and also saving you time inputting customer orders which go stright into your Business hub and workflow. See below 3 of my contract customers case studies.


Abel Alarms are a National alarm company - with 14 depots employing 150 people. Abel head office previously held a large amount of stock to distribute to their depots on a daily basis, which involved additional time handling and postage costs. Since implementing their buying portal there is no need for the stock and despatch system as depots place and are shipped their orders directly from Workwear Direct suppliers. This has resulted in significant cost savings and  reduced admin time. 






Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre employ 280 staff, the responsibility of purchasing  staff uniforms lay with their part time HR manager, who already very busy used a un wieldy excel based ordering system which invariably led to incorrect product & sizing being purchased. Their now operational buying portal has replaced he spreadsheet resulting in 100% correct orders, and saving significant admin time and is easy for other members of staff to use should the need arise. Delvery times have also improved being integrated with Workwear Directs orderering sytem. 



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Following 2 years of frustration sourcing pupils apprenticeship uniforms through two of the UK's largest workwear suppliers, East Riding College (ERC) turned to Workwear Direct to provide a solution. The principle objective was to provide a simple ordering portal for their apprenticeship students or parents to order the correct uniform for their individual apprenticeship course. Workwear directs designers and developers soon had an operational portal built, and following rigorous testing by ERC staff the contract was awarded to Workwear Direct.



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DecoPro Services

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Website Design


"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression."

Your website is most likely to be the first impression your prospective clients will see, and they will certainly judge your business on.

 It should be professional user-friendly and enable visitors to find what they're looking for instantly; this is where you need to invest; this is your shop window. Our team of designers and developers will build you a professional bespoke and fully responsive (adapt to all screen sizes) website on the Deco platform, which will integrate with all your business processes.  


Decoration Setup

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the settings in DecoNetwork, especially when you’re busy taking care of customers and employees. We’ll help you setup your price tables for screen-printing, digital-printing, embroidery, sublimation, transfers. We also set your preferred colour pallets, like Pantone or custom colours. Properly assigning these values and others ensures continuity between customers, sales and production.

Synchronise Sales & Production

Organise for Sales & Profit

Product Setup

DecoNetwork makes product management fairly easy, but it still takes time. Some of your needs may require a bit of work around knowledge. We help you with all facets including supplier catalogues, smart rules, margins, categorisation and sub-categorisation, product defaults, decorating print areas, product specialisation, and more. We also setup custom products and custom print areas. Get standardised and make money.



Website Design

Expert help building a modern, beautiful website customized to the branding and needs of your business. Custom CSS, HTML, graphics, layouts, and design services are available.

Decoration Setup

Whether you specialize or you’re a multi-decorator, a DecoPro can ensure your price tables, color palettes, production files and artwork fees are configured for continuity between customers, sales and production.

Product Setup

Need help with supplier catalogs, decoration areas, production specialization, or setting up custom products? A DecoPro can help, backed by an understanding of your processes and the custom apparel industry.

Product Management

For decorators who seek smart rules, categorization and sub-categorization, purchase ordering setup, shipping configurations, or assistance with decoration image libraries and pre-decorated products for e-commerce.

Pricing Implementation

Your DecoPro will work with you in finding the best fit pricing model solution for your products and services. This will ensure you can maximize profitability and make the most of the pricing tools available in DecoNetwork.

Template Customisation

For the custom apparel shop that requires custom email and order templates that can be personalized in DecoNetwork. Your DecoPro can customize the branding, wording, HTML and CSS for you.

Training & Business Analysis

If you or your team require in-depth training or a tailored training program to suit your needs, a DecoPro can help. In addition, they can provide you with an analysis of your business and advise on matters such as hardware, software, recruiting, training, finance, operations, or transitioning to DecoNetwork.

Managed Service

For the decorator who needs complete end-to-end management, including site build, business analysis, setup, installation, full customization of products and pricing, deployment, with ongoing update, training and support.